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My Story

My journey as a caregiver officially began when we moved my then 87-year-old mother into our home in 2008. Over the years, my mother has changed along with the responsibilities of caregiving.  When raising children, each year milestones are celebrated as independence increases.  As my mother ages, each year while celebrating a major birthday, we face additional challenges as her health and cognitive abilities decline.

In addition to managing daily responsibilities, the COVID19 pandemic has unraveled every aspect of caregiving while limiting access to support and medical assistance.  The pandemic has forced the development of new survival strategies.  Learning to survive and thrive stimulated this project to inspire and support other caregivers as we navigate this constantly changing journey.

As a committed caregiver for over ten years,  it is my objective to share my experiences while offering advice, information and inspiration.

Catherine Hawkins is an evangelist, author, writer, music producer, and currently an advocate for the aged. 

Catherine Hawkins, BBA, MA, started her career as an accountant and later worked as a Multi-Million Dollar producing real estate agent before retiring to care for her parents.

Catherine is a loving wife of a Pastor for over 30 years, proud mother of their Harvard graduate son and committed caregiver for her 99-year-old mother. 

Catherine is  woman of wisdom and grace with a passion to care for others. 

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