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Caregiver and #Stroke #Recovery; Caregiving tips

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

As an essential member of my mother’s medical team, I had to immediately set the stage for her recovery after her stroke. It was my job to provide an atmosphere, in the hospital, for healing.

Prior to receiving medical information, recommendations and therapy, I offered a setting filled with love, prayer, music, touch, scriptures and words. With zoom and face time, I showed my mother family members who expressed their love and encouragement. I constantly softly touched her and reassured her of my love and her safety. She always smiled when I kissed her forehead. The television remained off, but music was played continuously.

The caregiver’s role during the acute phase of a stroke is to keep the stroke survivor calm, safe while coordinating medical care. As my mother’s medical advocate, cheerleader, coach, intercessor and caregiver, I was thankful that I was able to stay and reduce her fears. The emotional state of the patient affects their physical state. Fear hinders healing.

Family caregivers, you are one of the most important components of your love ones’ recovery.


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