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Coffee Break-Caregiver tips, Help for Caregivers

My coffee breaks help me maintain my soundness. It is my time to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. The break may be for only 5 or 10 minutes, but it is time that I take to do nothing but sip a cup of coffee.

A coffee break is a pause from work. For me, it is not time to plan or brainstorm, such as during virtual coffee breaks. The time is not spent talking or engaging with others. It is time for me to pause, inhale, exhale and relax. During this time, I try not to think about my next task. I attempt to sit down and look outside and enjoy nature for a few moments. If I have twenty minutes, I may replace the coffee for a brief walk.

As a result of endless days and plethora of duties, family caregivers often fail to schedule breaks. I normally transition from caregiver to housekeeper and cook. If you are not feeding or dressing your love one, you are most likely doing laundry or cleaning. It is crucial that we take breaks throughout the day to relax and refresh. You may use your pause to say a prayer or close eyes in silence. Hopefully you are able to exchange the coffee for tea or water (I know I need to).

Please stop, take a brief respite to refresh, re-group and prepare for the next task.


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