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Emergency Preparedness

The Winter Storm Uri of 2021 emphasized the importance of maintaining adequate supply of daily necessities. Just a few weeks ago, my city and surrounding communities were closed. All governmental offices, banks, medical offices and retail stores closed for a week. For the first time in my life, the U.S Postal service stopped delivering mail (what happened to, …neither rain, nor snow nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds). All delivery services, including FedEx and UPS stopped. Grocery stores and pharmacies closed early. Roads were not drivable as they were covered with snow and ice. Unfortunately, the southern state did not have the supplies and equipment to treat and clear the pathways.

We were stuck in the house. Thank God that we were safe in our home with electricity and supplies. Thankfully I had more than enough to last the week of closure.

After the freezing winter weather the grocery shelves were bare and without bottled water. Now the area was dealing with major water issues and we were forced to utilize bottled water. Praise God for my water stash. Water pressure problems and boil water alert lasted for another week. Fortunately, we had enough water to outlast the problem.

It is difficult to plan for nature disasters. However, as committed caregivers we have to prepare for emergencies. I try very hard to have a month’s supply of shelf items and 90 days of medicine for my mother. Since the pandemic I requested and received an extra week of medicine. Additionally, I have a suitcase packed and accessible.

When things are crazy on the outside, it’s good to keep calmness inside for the ones we are caring for.

Thank God again for WATER and supplies.


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