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#SimplyThick - All #Thickeners are not Equal, Caregiving tips

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Prior to my mother’s illness I never noticed the instant food thickener products on grocery and pharmacy shelves with nutritional beverages. Thickeners are prescribed to treat dysphagia, difficulty swallowing.

Thickeners adjust the consistency of foods and liquids to improve swallowing and prevent aspirating. Strokes, dementia and other neurological and gastro conditions may cause the swallowing disorder.

Over time, I purchased and utilized several thickeners for my mother’s consumption. Unfortunately, in my experiences, all thickening products are not reliable or easy to use. Some thickening agents did not consistently render and maintain the desired texture which resulted in swallowing problems. It is a difficult task to properly hydrate someone with swallowing complications.

I finally discovered a thickener that I am pleased with. I am very happy about my usage of Simplythick Easy Mix. The products are easy to mix and the liquids maintain the desired honey/nectar consistency. I now have the ability to pre-mix beverages for later consumption.

With the many challenging issues relating to caregiving, it is comforting when products perform as prescribed.

Simplythick’s website ( provides helpful information and resources.


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