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#Stay-Hydrated - It's time for a bottle of #water

Adequate water consumption is vital for the health and well-being of both the caregiver and care recipient. Although drinking water is an easy task, I have to carefully plan to provide and consume enough water on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, my mother dislikes the taste of water and views drinking water as a tedious chore. When my mother was mobile, she would pour her water down the sink. Currently, she attempts to distract me and moves the water to other locations. Committed to avoiding another emergency room visit, I learned how to prioritize and encourage her recommended daily consumption of 64 ounces of water.

To manage water intake, I perform the following activities:

· Daily, place bottles/containers on counter each morning, for easy access and


· Add flavor and color to water (utilize fruit or crystal light)

- Consume a bottle/container at each meal.

· Carry water bottle/container with us wherever we go.

· Track intake at set times.

Older adults require more hydration and have higher risks for dehydration with serious negative consequences. At any age inadequate hydration can negatively impact our health, mental and physical abilities. Water aids to regulate blood pressure, body temperature, nutrient absorption, weight management, and waste elimination.

It is essential that you and the one that you care for stay properly hydrated. I am sure that your love one will enjoy your company while the two of you enjoy a bottle/glass of water.

Consult with your medical team regarding daily consumption recommendations. Remember the #water and #stay-well.



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